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31 July 2017
Dear Friends and Colleagues, Happy upcoming World Theatre Day!
17 March 2019

The Isadora Duncan Dance Company

Dear Friend,

Lori Belilove & The Isadora Duncan Dance Company, resident performing troupe of the Foundation, is at the forefront of keeping Isadora Duncan’s repertory alive and on the cutting edge of the performing arts. In this New Year we will celebrate Isadora Duncan’s 140th Birthday in New York City, as well as return to teach and perform at Beijing Normal University and at The Isadora & Raymond Duncan Dance Research Center in Athens, Greece.

 We hope that you can support our work with a year-end donation of $20.17 so that we can maintain our high standards of excellence as we share the living legacy of Isadora Duncan.

 The Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation is a not for profit organization; all donations are entirely tax deductible to the full extent of the law. From the inception of the Foundation in 1980, we have continuously spread Duncan’s work through our multigenerational educational programs, residencies, and performances from Brazil to Puerto Rico, Greece, China, and throughout our great country. Your donation this year will go towards our efforts to expand our global reach.

We hope that you will take a moment now to contribute and be a member of our wonderful community.

Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation