Isadora Duncan And the artists
Isadora Duncan and the artists (e-book)
24 September 2017
DVD1 Traditional Dances
DVD1 Traditional Dances
7 October 2017

Isadora Duncan and the artists (e-book on CD)


Illustrated with very rare pieces of art (drawings, sketches, caricatures, photos, sculptures, paintings, plaques, posters, woodcuts, wood-curvings, statuettes, watercolours, from Alkis Raftis’ collection.
It also includes texts, poems, comments etc. written by contemporary artists from many resources (books, articles, events etc.)
An e-book which can inspire anybody interested in the dance of Isadora Duncan, but also anybody interested in dance and mainly free dance.
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Publishers:”Way of Life” Editions
Author: Alkis Raftis
ΙSBN:  978-9-60-711890-5
Distributed by: Dance Library

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Alexander Anderson
Yurii Annenkov
Leon Bakst
Georges Barbier
Victor Barthe
Ad. Baumann
Alexander Benois
Paul Berger
Emile-Antoine Bourdelle


Eugène Carrière
Maurice Charpentier-Mio
Demeter Chiparus
José Clarà
Angelos Cleanthis
Jean Cocteau
John Collier
Edward Gordon Craig


Christine Dalliès
Maurice Denis
Charles Despiau
Phokion Dimitriadis
Mikhail Dobrov
Raumond Duncan
André Dunoyer de Segonzac


Max Eastman
Etienne Forestier
Arnold Genthe
Charles Geoffroy de Chaume
Auguste-François Gorguet
Jules Grandjouan
Valentine Gross-Hugo
Olaf Gulbranson


Franz Hanfstaengl
Robert Henri
Lucien Jacques
Vassos Kanellos
Friedrich August Ritter von Kaulbach
Sergei Konionkov
Jean-Paul Lafitte
Valentine Lecomte
Aristide Maillol
Olga Mikhailova


Joseph Pager-Fredericks
Alexander Philadelpheus
Guiraud Rivière
Auguste Rodin
Romano Romanelli
Giulio Aristide Sartorio
Walter Schott
John Sloan


P. Tereszizuk
Ernesto Valls
Van Deering Perrine
Kees van Dongen
F. van Saanen-Algi
Abraham Walkowitz
Rudolf Wilke
Beatrice Wood
Bruno Zach


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