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Orientalist dance Paintings and travellers’ accounts
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In Istanbul  1873

Saint Constantine is commemorated in the villages of Kosti, Vourgari, Mourtsovo, Resvi and Pyrgoplo and debaucheries are performed in his commemoration. Saint Panteleimen is commemorated in Prodilavo, Galazaki and Mourtsovo. Prophet Elias is commemorated in Vourgari. The feasts of Saint Constantine are celebrated officially and splendidly whereas those of Saint Panteleimen and Prophet Elias are with sacrifices. The birth of Virgin Mary on eight of September, the commemoration of Saint Demitrios and Saint Athanasios on eight and tenth of January, respectively, and the Birth of Prodromus on twenty-fourth of June are celebrated without procession and arrangement.

Saint Constantine feast is also celebrated with great splendor in other areas as well, mainly in Kosti, which is named after the Holy Saint. More or less the same rituals are performed in other villages, as well. The feaststarts in the following manner: On 2nd of May, late in the afternoon, women and virgins, clad in clean clothes, take Saint Constantine’s icon, incenses and candles, and go to the holy water of the village – enclosed and shady by tall trees – where a bower is built as well. After they clean the bower from herbage and sand, they adjust the fence and light the candles, incense, cleanse and cast some money in the holy fountain. Afterwards, they gather to dance to the usual songs and return in procession to their homes. From this day onwards the dance continues each evening until the commemoration of the Saint.

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Anastenaria and other paradox customs and prolepses