The Greek Dances
The Greek Dances
4 August 2017
ORCHESIS-Texts on Ancient Greek Dance
5 August 2017

Joannes Meursius and his “Orchestra”


Publishers: Dance Library

Authors: Alkis Raftis, Frederick Naerebout

ISBN:  978-960-86150-5-4

Distributed by: Dance Library

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Meursius’ Orchestra was first published in 1618, as an individual volume. The present edition includes a reprint of the same work as edited by Lamius in Meursius’ Opera Omnia, which in its turn was based on the re-edition by Gronovius. This is the best version of the work in existence, but hard to find. It is now made widely available in this new volume edited by Naerebout and Raftis, which includes a description of Meursius’ life and work, as well as a commentary on Meursius’ text.
It presents all the ancient Greek Dances in ancient Greek and Latin.
A very useful book for researcher on ancient Greek dances.
Facsimile reproduction of “Orchestra”

Front cover of Lamius’ edition of Meursius’ book Opera Omnia, reduced size front cover
Portrait of Meursius; from Joannes Meursius’ book: Athenae Batavae.
Sive, De Urbe Leidensi, et Academia, Virisque claris; qui utramque ingenio suo, atque scriptis, illustrarunt libri duo. Leiden, Apud Andream Cloucquium et Elsevirios, 1625.
Memorial portrait of the Meursius family. The portrait is hanging in the nave of Soro [o with a slash] church, Denmark.
Frontispiece of Lamius’ edition of Meursius’ book Opera Omnia.  The main building of Leiden University as it appeared in 1614; from Joannes Meursius, Athenae Batavae.
The interior of the library of Leiden University in 1610; engraving by Willem Swanenburgh after a drawing by Jan Cornelisz.
Woudanus Frontispiece of Joannes Meursius’ book Athenae Batavae
Seal of Leiden University

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JOANNES MEURCIUS AND HIS ORCHESTRA, SIVE DE SALTATIONIBUS VETERUM” of 1618. The first monograph on ancient Greek dance since Antiquity. In English-Latin-Ancient Greek

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