Joannnes Meursius and his "Orchestra"-CD
Joannes Meursius and his “Orchestra”
5 August 2017
DVD4 Traditional Dances
DVD4 Traditional Dances
20 September 2017

ORCHESIS-Texts on Ancient Greek Dance


Publisher: Dance Library

Editors: Anna Lazou, Alkis Raftis, Malgorzata Borowska

ISBN: 978-960-7118-91-X

Distributed by: Dance Library

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DVD containing the book in PDF format and texts by ancient Greek authors with their references to dance in English.

If you want to get only the book ORCHESIS: TEXTS ON ANCIENT GREEK DANCE click here.

It contains texts of modern and ancient authors on Ancient Greek Dance

  1. Quotations of ancient authors and poets on Dance
  2. Anna Lazou: Ancient Greek dance and its influence on contemporary culture.
  3. Mazgorzata Borowska: Ancient Greek dance in Poland. A reconnaissance
  4. Marie-Hélène Delavaud-Roux: War-dances in Ancient Greece
  5. Stella Mandalaki-Spanou: The dance in Minoan Crete
  6. Frederick Naerebout: Dance in ancient Greece: anything new?
  7. Nadia Chilkovsky Nahumck: Isadora Duncan: Spirit of Athena
  8. Emma Petrossian: Martial dances in Ancient Greece. A typological comparison with Armenian martial dances
  9. Barbara Sparti: Ancient Greek influences on Italian Renaissance dance
  10. Regina Kapetanaki: The role of the chorus and its applications in contemporary performances of ancient Greek Drama
  11. Jacqueline Rosemain: French and Spanish dances inherited from dionysiac dances
  12. Maria Koutsouba: The “Greek cycle” of Martha Graham
  13. Agata Ulanowska: The gold ring from Mycenae. Some remarks about dance
  14. Nigel S. Allenby Jaffé: The Crane and the Pyrrhic reviewed and reinterpreted
  15. Ancient Greek dance in Modern Bibliography
  16. Texts of Ancient Greek authors and poets concerning the dance
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ORCHESIS-Texts on Ancient Greek Dance