The site dance-panorama is a opening to the world-wide lovers of dance as well an e-shop where you can find a selection of books, e-books, dvds, cds concernig dance and dance-music.

Also you can send your C.V., as well your news of your school (address, site, email, tel. etc.)

Also it is an opening to dance schools to advertize them, with a variety of possibilities concernig the cost so that you can choose what serves better your need.

In any case do not forget that you can communicate with us through our emails in order to make the right choice for the best result.

You can select a banner or flash banner for the front page or for inner pages. The different banners are placed in the indicated place at the front page and they have link with your site or your page at facebook so that your friends can communicate with our site and take the information they need.

Please do not hesitate to contact us: or

Ads Zones 1 month 2 months 3 months
Half Banner – 180×90 15.00 € 27.00 € (-10%) 38.00 € (-15%)
Large Square Banner – 180×180 30.00 € 54.00 € (-10%) 76.00 € (-15%)
Full Banner – 665×96 50.00 € 90.00 € (-10%) 127.00 € (-15%)
Leaderboard – 970×110 70.00 € 126.00 € (-10%) 178.00 € (-15%)