16 May 2021

The CID Circular May 2021

01. CID TeleconferencesThe official meeting in each country. Dance teachers and choreographers in all forms of […]
27 April 2021
29 ΑΠΡΙΛΙΟΥ Παγκόσμια Ημέρα Χορού

April 29 National dance day

80 years ago, Europe around 1941: a great part of Europe is occupied, curfew is […]
25 September 2019

Barcelona Dance Award

“Barcelona Dance Award” in Spain from 9 to 13 April 2020 during Easter Spring Time. […]
18 July 2019

Ancient orchesis and Europe

By: Raftis, Alkis Throughout its history, European artistic dance does not cease to regard Ancient […]
18 July 2019

Manifesto for a new breed of folk dance teachers.

By: Alkis Raftis The person who demonstrates the dance is a teacher, that is someone […]
15 July 2019


Man has been dancing since his appearance on earth. He learned how to dance by […]
16 April 2019

The CID Circular April 2019

01.  Dance Day 2019The theme for choreographies this year is Dance and Spirituality. Post your event […]
17 March 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Happy upcoming World Theatre Day!

We prepared a list of the most updated and new opportunities in performing arts education field, please, […]
11 January 2019

Studio Ballet Art Mesquita

Fundada em 22/06/2016 pelos diretores Letícia Mesquita e Elias Mesquita, com sede no Brasil cidade […]